For the last twenty eight or so years, at around this time, I have decamped to Argyll for weeks on end with first one, then two, then three small Irvines.  It still feels strange not to be tied to school holidays, and the freedom to come and go much more as I please is wonderful – the internet has made remote working a real possibility and is a game changer.  But still …. I find myself wishing we were back in the days of long, wet summer holidays with small people around.  So I LOVE that Isobel’s latest brainchild, the hand painted dinner candles, are named for the view from the Appin shoreline!  Loch Creran is where the house is, and we look straight onto Eriska.  The Lyn of Lorne is out and to the left, and heather is on the hills behind – they mightn’t all be the real thing, but they’re a pretty fab second best!